A Word on Piano Maintenance and Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are a rite of passage for children from all walks of life. But a large majority of students just don’t stick with the lessons long term. Why is this? The number one reason I have heard over the years is, “He/she is not practicing enough so we don’t think it is justified to spend money on the lessons.” But this leads to another question: WHY is my kid not practicing? Parents have many theories and reasons behind the answer to this question. Their child lacks the discipline. They lack focus. They are lazy and not motivated. But what these parents fail to realize, more often than not, is it is not their child, but their PIANO.

    Lessons and piano maintenance go hand in hand. In fact pianos that are out of tune and unplayable are one of the number one reasons that kids quit their piano lessons. Think about it. An out of tune, unworkable instrument is not a joy to play on for anyone. How can anyone be motivated to practice on an instrument that plays horribly and sound horrendous?

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        Ask yourself: How could your child respond favorably to such an inadequate instrument? You can almost guarantee they will quit before any talk of a piano “upgrade” takes place. Those who refuse to maintain their instruments are setting their children up for failure. Not to mention they are wasting their money. Do yourself and your child a favor: Invest in a decent quality piano, tune it regularly, and maintain it to at least playable condition over the years. The potential joy that music can bring will more than pay for itself in the long run.