Piano Tuners Splice Bass String

String Splice Piano Repair

Has your piano broken a bass string? You have two options – you can ask your piano tuner to either replace the string entirely, or to splice it back together. The picture above shows how Austin’s Piano Service has used a special knot to splice a broken bass string together.

What are the benefits of piano string splicing?

Splicing a bass string has three benefits, it saves you money, the sound is a more accurate tonal match and the repair can be done immediately.

Piano tuners splice the bass string to save you money.

The cost of your average bass string is around $20 so you will save money on the cost of the string by utilizing the broken string. Additionally, a professional piano tuner can perform the splice in just a few minutes, keeping the final labor costs minimal.

Musicians prefer the tonal match of the original bass string.

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An immediate repair can be made by your piano tuner.

Another major benefit of bass string splicing is that the repair can be done on the spot. This is especially important during concert situations when time is limited. New bass strings are produced individually – they are custom made to match the original string. This process can take a week or more! With a looming concert date, it’s imperative the instrument is in working order as soon as possible.

So if you’re faced with a broken bass string on your piano, ask your professional piano tuner to splice it together, it’ll save you money, time and give you the best possible sound quality.