Introducing: The Mason and Hamlin Screw Stringer Piano

It takes a piano tuning specialist to tune and repair the Mason and Hamlin Screw Stringer piano. This particular beast is from 1894.

What makes the Mason & Hamlin piano different from other pianos?

Unlike most other pianos, which have tuning pins coming out perpendicular from the plate, the Mason & Hamlin piano strings are attached vertically to a metal bar with a square socket at the end. You need a special wrench to tune this style piano.

A piano tuning specialist, for a special piano.

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The Mason & Hamlin Screw Stringer format presented a new challenge for me in my piano tuning career. There was a bit of a learning curve, but I quickly found a good rhythm with the work required to tune each piano string. I’ll be seeing this piano next week in New Jersey, to do some additional repairs. It’s rewarding to breathe new life into an instrument as rare as this piano.